The Functions of The Orgasms : The Highways to Transcendence

Michel Odent.  Ed. Pinter & Martin (2009)

paperback | 201 pp | 127x198mm| English| €10 (portes incluidos)

Synopsis: ‘Fetus ejection reflex’, ‘milk ejection reflex’, ‘sperm ejection reflex’, ‘orgasmogenic cocktail’ . . . These are examples of terms used by Michel Odent in his study of the ecstatic/orgasmic states associated with different episodes of human sexual life. This book about male and female orgasms is an opportunity to convince anyone that humanity is at a turning point. Due to the improved technique of medically assisted conceptions and cesareans, the advances in anesthesiology and pharmacology, and the development of the food industry, women can now conceive a baby, give birth and feed their infant without relying on the release of ‘cocktails of love hormones’. Human intelligence and ingenuity have made love hormones redundant. Let us think long-term and let us raise questions in terms of civilization. The future of humanity is at stake.

Reviews: “Odent’s [book] is a stylish polemic that mixes endocrinology, comparative anthropology, philology, anecdotes from the author’s own medical practice.” Steven Poole, The Guardian

“If you’ve wondered why you walked away from birth and felt cheated, if you’ve struggled with breastfeeding, this book makes perfect sense of your disillusionment or feelings of ‘disconnect’. It reignites our most fundamental needs and expectations as sexual beings. This book is worth buying for the last two pages alone: a Dear John letter, where a woman states her plans for their ‘natural’ wedding night. I roared with laughter, because it shows how clearly, even in the natural birthing movement, we’re so far removed from what is natural. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” Veronika Sophia Robinson, The Mother

Sinopse: ‘Reflexo de ejecção fetal’, ‘reflexo de ejecção do leite’, ‘reflexo de ejecção do esperma’, ‘coctail orgasmogénico’ . . . são exemplos de termos utilizados por Michel Odent no seu estudo sobre estados de êxtase/orgásmicos associados aos diferentes episódios da vida sexual humana. Este livro sobre os orgasmos masculino e feminino é uma oportunidade de convencer-nos que a humanidade se encontra num ponto de viragem. Devido à melhoria nas técnicas de reprodução assistida e da cesareana, nos avanços em anestesiologia e farmacologia e no desenvolvimento da indústria alimentar, a mulheres podem cenceber um bebé, dar à luz e alimentar o seu recém-nascido sem contarem com a libertação de um ‘coctail de hormonas do amor’. A inteligência e engenho humanos tornaram as hormonas do amor redundantes. Pensemos a longo prazo e levantemos questões em termos de civilização. O futuro da humanidade está em jogo.

(trad. do inglês por Adriana Candeias, PhD)

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